#5 – The Decision to Understand

Lightbringer: “Today, in your physical life, you function completely unattached to our country or way of life. However, when you cross over into spirit, the exchange of physical into spiritual is a mystery that we would like to assist in explaining. The ego struggle within your physical life is immediately displaced, and, in its place, is a relaxed calm. Mentality, you have had episodes of great happiness in your past lifetime. In this relaxed state, you are totally aware of yourself, not much different than moments before, when you were physical, yet your first response is almost always bewilderment. You are perplexed as to where you are, and what is happening. One of the next experiences is the feeling of freedom from your body. You do not feel the same as before; in this new existence, you are loose and not bound by gravity, and you may ’float,’ yet you are comfortable with this unfamiliar perspective. Sometime during this period, you will notice people approaching you whom you have known from your past lifetime. They have come to welcome you to your new country.

In this experience, the love from past relationships comes forth to you in waves of energy. This homecoming is grand, and you notice the changes that have overtaken you. You are aware in a unique way that you are not in your physical body and yet puzzled, you are not concerned. Gradually you are accepting your new environment, and start noticing that your mind is still very active. In this state, you become objective concerning your most recent past life, and once that occurs, all of your past life unfolds. Every moment you breathed, you remember.

The positive and negative of that life is now a record that will be referred to as you proceed into becoming a new citizen of this wonderful country. There is power in this memory work, for it will be the material that you will study in your new country.

Peace and Long Light. Lightbringer.”