The Making of an Arti$t

Warren Cullar couldn’t spell, write or type and struggled through school. He was declared incapable of achieving success by those who “knew”. Discover the two gifts his father gave him that changed his life. One of the gifts brought him back from the brink of suicide. Find out why he yelled at a Marine Drill Instructor, walked away from a job and moved to Mexico to study art. Read the story of failed marriages, a successful art career which almost didn’t happen and the secrets which turned his life into what it is today—a successful full-time artist and married to the love of his life.


I so enjoyed going on this heartfelt journey with Warren

I so enjoyed going on this heartfelt journey with Warren. Besides being a primer on the life of an artist and what it takes to make a living with your creative endeavors, it’s a look into another soul. Warren shares a great deal of himself in inspiring other artists and other humans to stick with it through the tough times as the rewards are many.
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more of a biography

Not much as far as tips. More about trial and errors. That being said, we do learn from others mistakes. A guys story of how he made it and he references a book he read for inspiration repeatedly.

A good read - will definitely inspire and entertain!

I was one of Warren’s apprentices in college and consequently, was very interested in reading his story. I found his book refreshingly straightforward and conscise while also informative, inspiring, interesting and definitely entertaining. I think anyone that is interested in doing well in the arts and achieving the American Dream would benefit from reading this book; I highly recommend!

An artist's arduous account of personal experiences to success

A humorous, biographical story of Warren Cullar's most influential moments in developing the character and personality to succeed as an artist. Overall, a fun read!
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Candid and Bold

Warren Cullar's book shares the honest struggles of a man searching for and finding meaning in life's storms and setbacks. His determination for pursuing his passion and for finding love brings a spirit of encouragement to those who read this book. While less about how to make money than how to live happily with an artist's soul, Cullar's book will inspire and encourage other artists on their own journeys.
Kathryn Elmore

(see link in this review) which I very much enjoyed because of the artwork and stories

The first book of Warren's I read was "Sketch Book" (see link in this review) which I very much enjoyed because of the artwork and stories. That lead me on an adventure to meet the artist and collecting his work, and eventually this book. It's an easy, well written, enjoyable read, and Warren's tone comes through very well. I found it to be a believable, candid, account of of his life and how he's gotten to where he is today. As a creative professional myself, I found myself able to immediately identify with his story, and have pulled some personal motivational lessons from it. Well worth the read. Read more
Brian H.

Remarkable man!

I absolutely loved reading his life’s accounts! Inspired by his recorded thoughts and drawings, a true gifted individual with the ability to paint a picture through words, his stories were truly enjoyable! My family visited his home and galleries, we each were in awe of a man’s life’s work! Thank you for your hospitality, your time with us will forever be remembered ❤️ Artworks to be admired and enjoyed for years to come...
Rafe Corder

Informative and entertaining artist memoir

An entertaining and thought provoking memoir of a young man becoming an artist and a success. Also, the story paints an interesting picture of 1950s-80s Texas from Abilene to Austin.

More than a "how to do" book

A great insight into what it takes to acquire the mental attitude to make a living from your artwork. It provides more than a connect the dots plan and takes you through the ups and downs of an artist growing up in west Texas in the mid 20th century and his travels around the globe. A good read by a fascinating individual.
ted p

Conversational memoir written in a very readable style!

I read the book cover to cover and really enjoyed finding out more about Warren's life and what has made him into the man I know and enjoy. Being a West Texas boy myself and now a resident of Austin, I could identify with lots of the stories about tall buildings in Lubbock, sand storms, and Slaton as well as life in Austin. I have visited his studio often and enjoy it immensely every time! Read more