"One of the best afternoons was spent with Warren and Kitty. Learned so much about art and history. LUV Ya both!"

Nancy Cowart

Warren Cullar is a beloved artist we discovered when we lived in Austin. We loved him and his work so much that we became collectors. Our names are included in the Sketch Book here as collectors along with one of his sketches that we chose...a black and white sketch of his fabulous, ancient tree of wisdom gracing his front lawn...very excited to find this on Warren's FB page.

Deborah Scott Lightfoot

During my first year of taking the plunge to become a full-time artist, something terrible happened in the world. And people stopped buying art. I found myself exhibiting in a church one weekend that fall. I had spent all of my savings casting bronze sculptures and investing in my new career. No one sold anything at that show and I was quite depressed about what seemed a bleak future post 9/11.

Earlier that year, I had met veteran artist Warren Cullar after he gave an art marketing lecture in his studio to members of the Austin Visual Arts Association. At this church show, Warren listened to my woes as we each packed up our vehicles. Outside in the parking lot, he asked me to help him lift a small table up into his van. Sure, it was not difficult at all! Afterwards, he put some paper in my hand, told me to put it in my pocket and not look at it until I got home, and then he said, “Go make something that sells.”

Confused, I did what I was told and we each finished packing. I had been so down about something so out of my control that I forgot about the paper until almost midnight that night. I was stunned. Into silence. He really touched me. In my pocket were TWO one-hundred dollar bills!

Kickstarter patrons are probably familiar with the eternal gratitude of recipient artists. This type of generosity was new to me: An almost perfect stranger had not only given me the physical means to accomplish a part of my vision, but his belief that I could do it was uplifting as well.

“Make something that sells.” I had no idea what he meant. What sort of bronze could I create with $200 that would turn things around? In the meantime, I had proposed an exhibition with the City of Austin’s gallery entitled, “From Paper to Bronze: Sculptors Who Draw.” Having been accepted, I began by sorting through a pile of my favorite life drawings and returned to one that I had done in 1994. It was just a one-minute gesture sketch, but I had always loved it. It had taken me years after that drawing to study more anatomy and sculpture. In 2000, I had learned how to compress form to create bas-relief sculpture. [The raised image on a coin is a good example of bas-relief.] Thus, things had come together and I had developed an idea. I spent three days sculpting a bas-relief in clay using my drawing as inspiration. My new artwork was titled, “Ten".

In early 2002, I signed up for another bronze casting class. I had several years experience doing this work. By doing all of the work myself, the money from Warren went further. I cast into bronze the first two in my new limited edition sculpture “Ten.” My angel patron Warren received one when I next saw him at an art show in Austin, Texas. The other “Ten” sold from my booth at the same event. “Ten” became my best selling bronze and got me through some rough economic times. She was also my first sale outside of the US (to a collector in the UK who wanted a gift for his wife).

Kelly Borsheim

My first 'serious' art purchase! "Rock-N-Roll" by Warren Cullar. Love it!!!

I did! It was really an awesome experience! !st I wanted to talk myself out of it, but then realized if I expect people to part with their money for my work I should be able to do the same! When I was going to pick it up today I was sooo excited, and I realized that people must feel that way when they get one of my paintings! WOW! Overwhelming! And awesome!!

It's a long story, but I'm pretty sure I would not be an artist now if it was not for a conversation with Warren about 15 yrs ago at a friend's party. That was the 1st time I met him. I was not painting at all back then. Aren't you guys glad I spoke with him???

Merry Christmas!!!

Greta Olivas

Warren always has been and remains a constant volcanic flow of creative expression.

Keith Douglas

I lived 15 miles East of Austin. Texas, home to some of finest people and artist I have ever met. A connected-ness and family like feeling of working in their own realms, but always ready to collaborate on a project. There were many times when I would swing by to see Warren Cullar on my drive into the City of Austin. He only lived 35 miles away. The most amazing part of going to see Warren was our greeting. We see eye to eye on everything, but I swear he called my fashion coordinator to find out what I was wearing every time, even when he didn't know I was coming. He had me matched down to the same sandals, shorts and Hawaiian shirt.

One day he was in the 'old studio' painting on nine canvases simultaneously. A little ochre here and then a little Venetian Red there. How does he do it? This man is amazing. Well, that is way I see him! Talent beyond measure.
Over in the left corner of the study is a table with stacks and stacks of original art sketch books. I picked up one book and thumbed through the pencil and ink line drawings, then another and another. What is this? Thousands of illustrations of places from all over the world and right in his back yard too. People, cactus, trees, fish, musicians, tango dancers. This master-artist draws the way I use a camera. I just blurt out, "Warren, these need to be in published a book." He may have mumbled something over his objective selection of the next color to bless his nine small canvases on the giant easel in front of him. "I bet that's something you could put together."
Well, putting together a "Sketch Book" is no small task, but the first step is planting the seed. I did not know I had planted such a large seed with huge roots that touched so many people's lives.
Four months rolled by, then came the "Cullar Galler-age Gayla Christmas Party." Kitty was dressed in a spectacular full length evening gown and Warren in finely tailored tuxedo. Everyone filled their glasses and plates and returned to their seats to eat, visit and enjoy the great eats. Near the end of the dinner Warren gets up to make his announcement regarding this annual art sale for all your Christmas needs. "If there is a piece of artwork that is calling out to you, do not be shy, buy it and take it home or give it as gift this coming holiday." "I have also called you all here to introduce you to my new publicist, JD. Moore, who owns Divine Design." That was new and shocking news to me and yet it was music to my ears. The number of people involved in making the now "Sketch Book" real were many. Starting with Kitty, Carol, and a list of people that I don't have in front of me. So that is how you plant a very large seed.
The image selections, editing the "Warren-isms", pre-sales of copies and production procedures is too extensive to go into in one page.
But I can tell you, as the guy who screenprinted every "Sketch Book" cover and bound every copy personally, it is a great pleasure to be walking through a gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and stumble on a copy of the Warren Cullar Book.

J.D. Moore

I’m from Austin, and Warren is in Austin, but we first met at Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, Colorado! Rather than purchase a piece at the show, Warren invited me to visit his home studio gallery back in Austin. He did this because he only had sculptures in Loveland but his portfolio showed a sampling of his beautiful paintings as well. Long story short, Warren rolled out the red carpet and gave me the grand tour of his beautiful home and an in-depth explanation of his sculpting process. It was educational and fun! I also purchased my first piece, “Balance”, from the Cullar collection. I just added a painting titled “Cat Fish Dreams.” This time, Warren brought the paintings to me. The walls of my home are COVERED with paintings. And in turn I have very little room to spare… think of those pictures of the Louvre from the 18th and 19th century where you can’t even see the walls, well maybe not quite like that, but slowly working in that direction. With my nearly four dozen paintings and dozen sculptures, Warren is the first artist to get a repeat performance! I highly recommend to every collector to add at least one painting and one sculpture from the Cullar Collection to their home gallery. And, don’t forget to take the studio tour on your next trip to Austin…. Just one more reason to visit our wonderful hometown!

Phillip Auth

I had the pleasure of being Warren's apprentice over the summer of 2013. He is such an insightful man and had no problem teaching me all the tricks of the trade. His charisma and positive attitude make me look up to him as a highly successful artist and now as a friend.

Jon Hatcher

Thursday, June 20th, marked a bittersweet day for me…my 30th birthday. My husband had been excited all week about giving me my present and I patiently waited for the official day.

My husband owns Central Security, www.AustinSecurityAlarm.com, and while installing a security system, he had the fortune of meeting Warren Cullar. He had been going on and on about all of the amazing sculptures and paintings in Cullar’s gallery and how diverse and talented Warren is.

On the morning of my birthday I awoke to my husband whispering in my ear, “Do you want your present now?”. I eagerly got up and went to the living room where my husband brought in a large object covered in bubble wrap. I ripped it open and found one of Cullar’s ORIGINAL pieces, “Roadside Stand”! It was perfect and personally signed by the artist wishing me a happy birthday!!!! One of my favorite things to do is go on road trips and make my husband stop at every knick-knack shop and antique store that captures my eye. This painting perfectly embodied the explorer in me with it’s images of old milk jugs and a “smoking Indian”.
The good news is, I can’t think of a better way to start my thirties. The bad news (for my husband) is, I already have my eye on another one of Cullar’s landscape paintings!

Erica Schmidt

I met Warren and Kitty at a "garage sale" at their lovely home back in August. Although there was a sign in the yard that said "Sold Out" I never let that stop me. As they welcomed me to their home without hesitation I was absolutely blown away by kindness. You see, I went to the garage sale to find a "gem". Well I did indeed find a gem(s). His name is Warren Cullar! I was telling Warren that I was helping with a benefit coming up in December for a friend diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and thought I could come find a piece of his art that I could then donate to the Auction we are having at the benefit. Without blinking an eye he says, "you can have as many prints as you want" WOW, I am thinking, this man does not even know me and is offering his art to me. Well I called Warren about 5weeks later, "of course I remember you Kelly, and yes I am still going to donate some prints to your benefit". I went back to Warren and Kitty's home and spent several hours there visiting with Warren. Not only is he an INCREDIBLE artist, he is a wonderful, wonderful man. I left their home with 10 really fabulous prints (signed and numbered) for the auction. I am really in awe of his genuine kindness, fun loving attitude and his desire to help another human being. "You see Kelly, I have been blessed, and I have to share my blessings". Well Warren I must say I too have been blessed. I took a chance, ignored the "sold out" sign and met one of the kindest, coolest, greatest guys I have ever met. I would like to say THANK YOU WARREN CULLAR from the bottom of my very grateful heart.

Kelly Groll
I am a nurse who is lucky enough to have met Warren and Kitty.

Large colorful canvases attract me to Cullar's works. My very first acquisition was a Southwestern themed Cactus Fence, but I am equally fond of his Austin inspired music scenes in both acrylics and bronze. His works bring vitality and inspiration to my home and are always worthy of good discussion. A gallery tour is well-worth the time.

Longtime Cullar Collector

We have several of Warren's paintings and one sculpture. They occupy the prime viewing walls of our house.

I have known Warren for nearly 20 years and consider him to be one of my closest friends. I have enjoyed hundreds of hours of conversation with him - mostly about living our human life as a work of art. Warren is not just an artist; he is art.

Larry Davis
Management Consultant; Lecturer in Management

I have 3 of Warren's sculptures and one landscape painting. I love Warren's work as well as attending Warren and Kitty's open houses. They are both so warm and welcoming and Warren's personality shines through in his art.

Sona Nast
social worker, artist and friend of Warren

So exciting to see your piece we have here at LMFA on your website--Wave Movement! You are an exceptional man and we are proud to know you and have your art in our collection.

Renee Hawkins
director of Longview Museum of Fine Arts

Several years ago my wife Paula and I had the pleasure of coming across one of Warren's sculptures in Santa Fe, NM. "Window Rock With Ring" was hiding in a corner and immediately caught Paula's attention and ended up in our home in Aurora, CO as a center piece of our main living area. The piece, like many of Warren's sculptural pieces, has an earthy tone with a modern twist that seems to make a wonderful transition between nature and our built space.

On a whim I dropped Warren a phone call just to say thank you for WIndow Rock With Ring. After leaving a message I felt that was likely the end of it and presumed he was busy with other things. To be candid I and was quite honestly a bit surprised when he called back as it's been my experience many artists just let those sorts of things pass. However what I had expected would be just a few moments of chatting turned into a lengthy and candid conversation about not just his piece but the entire experience of purchasing it and about larger scale design in general. Clearly this was a guy who just loved what does and loved to interact with his clients.

With that piece safely in hand we had the pleasure of meeting Warren at "Art in the Park" festival in Loveland, CO. His energy and passion was clearly evident as was his creativity when we began discussions about an idea for a water feature based on a similar concept to Window Rock With Ring. A few years later we had the perfect project for our new home and the process of collaboration with Warren on a Window Rock Water Feature began -- and eventually became a reality.

The entire collaboration process was a pleasure, with a free flow of sketches, photos, ideas, and concepts that eventually lead to a finished product that has gathered the attention and comments of most everyone who passes by our home. It's certainly a process that we'd recommend to anyone considering a commissioned piece.

Over the past several years, and 3 wonderful sculptural pieces (2 inside, 1 outside) we have fostered a relationship that is creative, personal, and professional, and we encourage anyone considering a commission or purchasing a piece to do so without hesitation! The reward will be well worth such a pleasant journey.

Brian Huculak

warren is a good guy, and interesting personality and enjoys people and his passion creating art.

Clifford Warren Cullar
i am the artist that i will write about