Payment Plans

We create a payment plan that works for you. Warren has been selling his art this way for years and found that it works.

Step 1. Select the art to satisfy your needs, to beautify your home, reward yourself and because you enjoy the art.

Step 2. Pay a deposit equal to 25% of the price plus the sales tax.

Step 3. The remaining 75% is then divided into your selected number of payments, averaging $100 a month.

Step 4. Mastercard or Visa Slips for the remaining balance postdated.


Warren has been very successful in creating a wide variety of art projects for collectors.

Once a project has been decided upon and a quote accepted, the total of the project, including the sales tax, is divided into thirds.

The first third is paid at the beginning.

The second third is paid when the artwork is about half finished.

The final payment is paid when the art is delivered.

If for reasons the art project is halted, then the money paid in can be used to select works of art equal to what has been paid toward the commission. No cash refunds.