The Extraordinary Journey

Messages from the Spirit Realm and The Truth about Life After Death

Warren Cullar’s extraordinary journey started at age six when his grandfather died. He wanted to know what happened to granddad, where did he go? His parents simply pointed up.

At age 34, Warren read a book, Thavis is Here by Harry Homewood, about automatic writing. Warren, in a prayerful, meditative experience, opened the door to the spiritual world when he learned how to write automatically. He connected to the spirit world along with a guide he calls Lightbringer. His father had died a few months before and was the first spirit with whom Warren communicated. Warren’s ability increased when he learned to hear the spirit world, becoming a clairaudient (sensitive hearing). For 44 years he has been communicating with Lightbringer. In 2016, he asked Lightbringer to be his scribe to teach us about the spirit world. Lightbringer then dictated 180 essays on how we can be more loving. These essays will be published in the future.

The Extraordinary Journey is an awe-inspiring book, where Warren’s spiritual guide Lightbringer (acting similar to the old-time switchboard operator) connects friends in spirit to Warren. They interview fifteen friends and family members who have died. This bookbreaks new ground by asking questions of these spirits. These include everything from how they died and how the spiritual body “looks” nothing like looking in a mirror. Your new body has no eyes, no voice box and you don’t need to eat or drink or breathe air because you do not require it. Instead, you are now composed of a mixture of particles glittering like sparklers on a 4th of July celebration. The energy and vibration you produce are amazing colors, musical sounds and movements of light. In other words, there is no time, no ageing, no ego, and you’re thinking is hundreds of times quicker than when you were walking around as a human. Nothing in our human world is like anything in our spiritual world.

Their conversation breaks new ground again when Warren asks and Lightbringer answers in detail 60 questions about life after death. The Extraordinary Journey will forever change the way you view life to come and the way you live your life today.

This thought-provoking book is a must for anyone interested in the spirit world. Spirits want to tell us our life purpose here on earth is to learn lessons of love and forgiveness and that we will never die. This thrilling journey into the afterlife will make you feel like you’ve been there before, because you have, we all have been there before. You’ll discover Heaven is even more amazing than you’ve ever imagined. It is a wonderful loving environment with indescribable beauty.

If you’re curious about what happens after death, read The Extraordinary Journey. Warren shares his remarkable journey and the vast knowledge he has gained from years of study.

Listen as Warren reads the back cover page about his father who is in spirit now.



Embracing Life and Afterlife in 'The Extraordinary Journey

'The Extraordinary Journey' by Warren Cullar is not just a book; it's a gateway to understanding the enigma of life and death, especially poignant in societies like the U.S. where the topic of death is often shied away from. Cullar's journey, illuminated by his conversations with the spirit guide Lightbringer, offers a unique perspective that's both enlightening and comforting. Read more

A most interesting and helpful read

I am a newbie in this field. I have little or no experience in the communication with the spiritual world. I am a Christian who has always believed in the spiritual world but who didn’t think I could cross over and communicate with the other side as Warren has. It is an eye opener to hear what he has accomplished. I hope to be able to start meditating on a regular basis and maybe to start communicating with the other side. Read more
D. R. Merrell


Wow, wow, wow. Two nights ago I finished this book featuring Light Bringer. I savored a few pages each evening at bedtime, enjoying thinking about "going home," as I drifted off to sleep. Perhaps everyone should read it in that manner so as to linger on those thoughts when our minds are open to a broader embrace of all things spiritual. Read more
Robyn Conley


"I read The Extraordinary Journey by Warren Cullar. I found his book interesting. Warren's spirit guide "Lightbringer" made a connection with 14 friends and family who were in the spirit world creating a question and answer session with each one. I found the book to be intriguing and answering many of my questions concerning the afterlife. I recommend the book." D.R.
Danny Paul Robinson

Death as a journey ahead

The author, Warren Cullar, takes the reader into a journey about life and death and teaches not to fear death but learn how to be in spirit form, casting away any notion of ego. Once you start reading this you will not put the book down. You do not have to give up your religious views to understand his writings; your views will only compliment the teachings in the book.
SRay 380

Don’t Pass This Up!

Another excellent book by this talented author. You will be glad that you purchased it!


For everyone who has wondered what the moment of death is like, there are explanations from 14 individuals who made the transformation from a human physical presence to a spiritual reality. The author serves as an earthly scribe for their stories from the other side. A thinking person’s guide for the mystery in all of us.

Love this book

I like this book because of the honest authenticity of which it is written. It’s interesting and I’m looking forward to reading it all. We can learn a lot from Mr. Cullar’s experience and apply it to our lives to be more informed and less fearful.
Amazon Customer

Poignant and exciting! Warren's Journey is simply fascinating!!

As an Author and Medium, I’m enthralled with Warren’s writing and intrigued by his account of loving communications and lessons from Spirit. Warren’s ability to clarify his experiences — coupled with simple translations from his Lightbringer Guides, relay numerous, beautiful experiences with Warren’s loved ones, who have passed from this life; Those accounts bring such comfort and understanding to us, who wish to know our loved ones are still in our lives. I’m ready to sit … quiet my mind … hold my pen gently … and accept messages from My Spiritual Guides — I can’t wait! Read more