#4 – The Resourse of Change

Lightbringer: “The value determined by a lifetime is up to everyone, and how one conducts oneself during each sojourn upon the face of the earth. We use the term ‘face of the earth’ because that is literally where each human being was created and lived. In this country, your field of vision is space ‘beyond the stars’ or anywhere one can imagine oneself to be. This results in a widening expansion of needs and direction that each new citizen can and will acquire.

Our association with each human is not as complicated as you might expect, because each of us has a “fingerprint” that identifies each person. This makes our job in associating with each other as easy as it is for you to call someone using their phone number.

We salute you, Warren, for creating this exchange, because we can add so much more to our dialog than just the question and answer that has taken place in the past. We have been guided as you have, surely and successfully. Our time with you will continue for as long as we are needed, or until you feel that the work is finished or completed to the best of your ability.

Be sure to envision the entire picture of what we are starting to lay out, so you will begin to understand a rather complicated interplay of information and instructions. The material we will continue to deliver is given as a gift to satisfy your curiosity, needs, and understanding. Your ability to assimilate this information into your daily understanding will strengthen your resolve so that you can continue to become a more successful student.

A student is one who is in the pursuit of knowledge, and knowledge is our main purpose. We can appreciate anyone who takes the time and energy to cross over in mind and become a part of our world. In this crossing, the human strengthens his ability to listen and be guided. This term ‘guided’ is not the same as‘directed,’ for we do not direct. You have total power over yourself and total control.

You have already realized in using the word coin takes all the negative images of the word heaven away. Many are afraid of not getting into, many do not believe, and the rest are neutral to the entire concept.

The truth is simple: you die, and then everyone becomes a citizen of a new country, or as you speak of it, they enter into ’Heaven.’ We will only make this one reference to the word hell: Hell exists in your physical life only. You make your hell every time you step off the path; that is to say, each time you function in the negative. It is therefore a virtual place, and not an actual place. Again, we do not wish to change your beliefs, for your beliefs anchor you to your place in your country. In recording these words, they may cause you to contemplate many new topics for discussion. In this way, we will do our jobs to relay through Warren the information that is relevant to our communications.

Deciding what information to discuss and relate is one of a flow of energy from a higher source. We will discuss this in much more detail later.

Peace and Long Light. Light Bringer.”