#3 – The Power of Understanding

Lightbringer: “For you, today will be like other days filled with to-do lists and projects to accomplish, yet many of these items you would rather not have to do. Now, imagine never needing to have that feeling again. The mere thought of that seems almost unimaginable. This is where learning about our country will quickly become a lot more interesting!

Eternity is our existence, and that is the reality you must try to think into. What you think about, imagine, and believe will continue on in your mind for eternity. Yes, I know it is difficult to grasp such a foreign concept. We did say a different country.

The elements that make up the human system are so arranged as to produce a being that is responsive to the physical environment, that is, to life on Earth. Physical existences are patterned in such a way as to create a striving to accomplish, especially toward nature, and an orientation toward work. Because of this, there is little time to explore the mind or the new country. To survive and adapt, the human is expected to perform in the manner preferred by whatever society that he or she finds themself in. In this performance each functions and produces.

In addition to the physical demands of life on Earth, humans have a relationship with their ego that pushes and pulls them in many directions not only during each day, but throughout their entire lifetimes. We see this as balancing the human being for it gives the duty to one’s ego the full responsibility to control. Learning to control your ego and understanding your spiritual nature is part of your lifetime of learning.

Our decision to intercede and write this material is to slowly introduce you to the coming experience that you know as ‘death.’ When you realize this is nothing more significant than trimming your fingernails, you might be able to pull back from what you and your society have feared. The rules change: that is all. You lose your ego. You have an eternity to consider. The world as you knew it seems to have disappeared, but has it actually? No, only the scene has changed. The form has changed. You still have your thinking capacity, and now reside in a new country, with a new passport to eternity.

Our purpose is to prepare you for the new and improved country that you will become a citizen of. We do this little by little, until you not only understand, but you also feel like what is coming is familiar. You will no longer feel that you are leaving home but instead are going home— a considerable difference in thinking. Some important advice is to be sure that the lifetime you are living as a physical human is the best that you can create. There are many reasons for this statement, but the primary one is that what you create in the physical you carry over into our country.

Peace and Long Light. Lightbringer.”