#2 – The Unknown Truth

Lightbringer: “Your sojourn into this country is always met with expectation and excitement. We want you to feel at home, and that comes across gently and with happiness. We have always been this way and the truth is gentle to take in and breathe into. Please, in your quiet time, ask how this is different from sitting in a comfortable chair, eyes closed, relaxed, and thinking of nature and friends? Not much, except you do not need to feel the chair unless you want to, you do not have to hear the barking dog unless he is yours. You have the power to close your eyes, think and relax. Now add any information or memories that please you and remember you are in total control. If you wish to go fishing on a beautiful lake with your grandfather, you could re-experience it. The only thing you will not have in this country is your ego—it did not get packed for the trip, and that is ok.

We can hear you thinking, and you are agreeing with us and yourself that what you have just read sounds peaceful and easy. In this expression of understanding about our country you want to learn more. You now want to become an inquisitive being freed from any doubt or rules. We have not mentioned rules, for they do not exist in the same way as you understand the term ‘rule.’ Our country is free to your imagination (?) which when first experienced can be overwhelming.

Everyone who crosses into our country has friends and guides who are willing to assist the new traveler with how the system works. In a brief period, the barriers of your new country are easily accepted. We must now add a novel idea: in my country, there are no clocks; in short, no time. This sounds uncomfortable but think back to when you have become lost in a process like reading or cooking and the time ‘got away from you.’ You were puzzled as to how that time escaped. Now remember that impression: you were completely absorbed and that was fine. Here, it is the exact same feeling, but it never ends.

You are free to move from one created experience into another. Getting accustomed to timelessness is learned in a second because it is a liberation from tension. Today, for a moment, take the opportunity to stop, relax, and close your eyes. Think of a happy time and just be in the moment. When you open your eyes, remember.

Peace and Long Light. Light Bringer.”