Becoming the Scribe

After 37 years channeling with the spiritual world, I decided to propose a new collaboration with my spirit guide, Lightbringer.


I was sitting quietly in my library typing, communicating only in thought with Lightbringer. I typed: “Some thoughts this hour. I was thinking of how easy the writing has become over the past few months. May I ask you to speak about your world and your relationship with us here on Earth, and I will act as your scribe. I think it would be an excellent way of creating. I would appreciate your thoughts concerning this matter. You know all the facts of my life and the ability to bring to light the important elements to make the material into a page turner.” (Lightbringer did not waste time, he started right away.)

Lightbringer (Silently but intuitively heard by Warren): “Today, you want to change direction again, yet changing is the only way we build bridges to the other side of thinking. The answer is yes. The relationship between a spiritual being and a human being is one that only a few people experience in their lives. Everyone’s spiritual guide is always ready and willing to assist, but few are aware of the quiet, gentle voice that silently whispers helpful suggestions to their human contact. We intend to write in a manner that enables you to see both sides at the same time: one the spiritual and the other human.

(To the readers): My human counterpart simply refers to me as ‘Lightbringer.’ His name is Warren Cullar, an inquisitive and sensitive man of complex abilities. He has trouble with high-pitched sounds and crowded spaces, a result of avoiding them for most of his life. His attributes include a loving nature and a creative energy that keeps him involved in many pursuits, including art, teaching, exploration, construction, and now writing. I, on the other hand, am bound by my spiritual realm, which nevertheless allows me certain privileges, such as the ability to interact with humans on the other side. This enables me to reach and gently influence my assigned humans into following their chosen paths in the best possible way. I am sure that many of you reading can relate to this, because you have quietly noticed the element of help or the thought that came from nowhere which helped you solve a problem or focus your life direction. You may have commented to yourself or someone else as to the miracle that guided you when you needed that extra boost in your life. Our hope is that the material you have begun to read will perhaps answer some questions you have concerning the unknown realm that is normally just beyond human reach.

Peace and Long Light. Lightbringer.”

Author’s note:

Lightbringer finished dictating the first essay titled Purpose and Intent. I hear the impression of Lightbringer’s communications, and I type to keep up with the spirit guide’s quick pace. There are 180 essays that Lightbringer dictated over the course of several months. When the number reached 180, I decided to start the book The Extraordinary Journey.