60" x 120"


I was watching the morning news in the piano room riveted to the T.V. The first plane had struck the World Trade Center. My friend Burl called asking me if I was drawing. I said I wasn’t but as soon as we got off the phone, I would be. I watched, as the world did, the unfolding events. In the horrible news, I drew and drew and drew.

That evening our friends, Bob and Ceale Kirkham, arrived for dinner as planned. It was a sad, strange evening. Bob: “We need to get a new flag; our old one is tattered. We need a new one.”

Then Kitty began playing “Nearer My God to Thee” and “America” on the Piano. Almost tears—too sad—weeping– tired—too much T. V. El dia malo!


The next morning, I selected three 40” 60” canvases and began to paint on all three as a painting of one. Listening heartsick to the continuous news coverage and using my sketches from the day before, I began to paint and paint. I produced a black and white painting, 12’ by 5’, completing it in one week. on the canvas, I painted my feelings about the atrocity.

Our world is over as we knew it, a new one is opening on the horizon and we proceed on the journey. Our nation has changed forever.


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Warren enjoys sharing his passion about his artwork and the stories concerning each piece he puts his signature on.

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