Purpose and Intent

Each week there will be a new essay posted and it will remain available into the future. The 180 essays are for our good. Each essay has a title, and all the essays teach us how we can live a more successful life.

Lightbringer: “Please enjoy this experience and take pleasure in the development of your individual life. In physical life, the world is a mystery to be solved. In the spiritual realm, the meaning of life is not as important. The fact that in spiritual existence the ego is not needed frees up endless amounts of time for thinking and learning and enables the spiritual being to be freed from the worry that makes up so much of the time spent on physical earth. Today, in securing all the things that you need to function in your world you must perform every function under the umbrella of ego and in that arena, you struggle to secure the basic needs of your world.

Before we go further, we must declare our purpose and intent. We are not here to disrupt lives, create new paths to enlightenment, or make gods of anyone or anything. We are here to perform our duty which, in this case, is assistance to the being known as Warren. He is our responsibility to assist in his physical life. He is no more special than anyone else; every human on Earth has spiritual helpers. You have called us by various names for eons, as angels, muses, even fairies. The development of a title or name meets the human purpose: the spiritual world is named, but we are beyond any simple description. Our actual means of communication is a mixture of sound, music, and color, something you will remember quickly when you cross over into our country. Our purpose or intent is to enlighten humans about our world, and what is waiting in your future. We are assisting Warren— at his request— to act as our scribe. Please remember he asked after years of study, meditation and seeking the understanding of the spiritual side of life. The material is typed as Warren “hears” the words.

What does this mean for you? It means you have an open line of communication to the other side of life. Warren has less ego in this process than in anything else in his life, therefore he has been on a quest to understand more, because deep inside he knows that he is then at his freest. He still smiles to himself after a writing session, shakes his head, and is intrigued.

The sessions or essays in this book are looked over with a veil of love. This love is an expression of more than words. We speak of the knowledge that is known and remembered. It is true understanding and acceptance of the knowledge of love. Again, we must make the point this is not a treatise on finding your salvation or changing your behavior. We are here to only assist, first Warren, and second those who take the time to read this material.

The act of writing and creating in this manner to influence others for good is a powerful way to enter the realm of spirituality. We will use words like ‘spiritual’, ‘Heaven,’ and ‘created’ with caution because “words laden with human meanings can create divisiveness, and that is not our intention. When we use the term coin, it is easier to understand the two sides. We will spend equal amounts of time talking about the Earth-bound human side of life and existence in the spiritual world. We hope that our book will be read with pleasure and curiosity, and perhaps in some cases complete understanding.

If you were to say to me, tell me about your country or your side of the coin? How would you want me to start? With a description…and yet a description must satisfy the visual needs of the human. So, therefore, take a journey with me. Close your eyes and relax; you are now entering my country. Next, remember a day in your life when you were outside enjoying the sunshine. When you have that image held in your mind, recall someone you love and trust and keep them with you in the sunlit day of your existence. Your purpose is to stay in the remembered state and continue to exist there. You are home.

Peace and Long Light. Lightbringer.”